Private Party Puppet Shows

 Whether your event takes place at a business, a community or events center, or even your own home, Pegasus Puppet Theatre brings the show
to you!

Our performances and puppet-making workshops are perfect for birthday parties, troup/scout meetings, company picnics, holiday parties,

and other community events. 

Puppet shows can be performed outside.
Some shows require electricty for sound.
Puppet making workshops require electricity.

Performance length is @30 min.  
Puppet-making workshop length varies between 30-45min.

The Princess, the Prince, and the Pea
for kids 4-10
What makes someone 'royal' and how does one prove it? In this hilarious fairytale we put an age-old test to the test. Attend a royal ball where the prince hopes to find true love while his eccentric granny (convinced she is a witch) cackles from the tower, and a lovely maiden is put to the royal test.

(This show requires electricity for sound.)

The Tortoise & the Hare
for kids 3-10

This hilarious fractured rendition of the well-known folktale will get your hands clapping and your toes tapping! 

Music lovers, this show is for you! Set in the 1940’s, the soundtrack features songs from such artists as Cab Calloway, Al Bowlly, The Delta Rhythm Boys, and the Four Vagabonds.

The set is designed to resemble a large 1940's radio, and is overflowing with baby hares. 
Get ready for a swinging good time and BIG LAUGHS! 

​(This show requires electricity for sound.)

Who's in Hare's House?
for kids 3-10

East African trickster, Sungura the Hare,  returns to his home to find a monster has moved into his house... or so he thinks.

Everyone Sungura asks for help from are frightened away by the monstrous and mysterious voice coming from inside his hut. Even the ferocious Pembele the Rhinoceros and the mighty Tembo the Elephant are too afrai to help?

Will Sugura ever get his home back? Help finally arrives from a very unexpected source.

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