Who we are.

Pegasus Puppet Theatre (PPT) is children's puppet theatre founded by the daughter of the founders of Tears of Joy Theatre.
PPT is family owned and operated. ​
What we do and where we do it.

Whether your event takes place at a theatre venue, a school, a business, or an events center, or even your own home, Pegasus Puppet Theatre brings the show to you!

We are committed to providing unique, exciting, and excellent puppet theatre to audiences in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. ​

The Performers

Emily Alexander
(2nd gen puppeteer)

Daughter of the founders of Tears of Joy Theatre, Emily has been performing for children for over 30 years.
Emily was a performer and the Education Director for Tears of Joy Theatre for 20 years, and is currently TOJT's Executive Director.

Wolfgang Alexander
(3rd gen puppeteer)

Grandson of the founders of Tears of Joy Theatre, Helix (like his mother) grew up amidst the puppets. Helix has been performing since childhood and has completed two 'tours-of-duty' for Tears of Joy. 

Pegasus Puppet Theatre was created by the founding family of Tears of Joy Theatre (TOJT). TOJT was a world renowned and award winning puppet theatre that toured to schools and venued extensively throughout the PNW, across the US, and occasionally internationally from 1971-2019. 

You can tour our Tears of Joy commemorative gallery page by clicking here.